SOLAR KAUCUK is a corporate company which has a well organized structure, is located at the industrial zone in the Mersin province. With its banbury mixer, contemporary laboratory, continuous process lines, molding room, and experienced managerial staff, the company is carrying on business at its own 500 m2 facitily, consisting of 3000 m2 closed and 2000 m2 outdoor area. Besides having the TSE-TSEK certificates of quality, The Company is certified by the First Quality Certification (FQC) and holds the Quality Management System of ISO 9001.

The main production of SOLAR KAUCUK LTD. ŞTİ. is based on EPDM. However, a production according to your requirements is also available with the NR, NBR and SBR rubber types. Unless otherwise stated by the customer, “DIN 7863” and “DIN 7715 Teil3 E2” are the Raw Material and Measurement Standards that we use and apply. In addition to a huge customer mass and a wide product range, through its well-equipped laboratory and molding room SOLARK KAUCUK LTD. ŞTİ. also makes production according to the private demands of its customers.

For PVC, Aluminum and Wood-Work Systems SOLAR KAUCUK LTD. ŞTİ. manufactures Leak-Proof Gaskets, Rubber Clamps for Natural Gas Systems, Dilatation Seals and Various Elastomer Rubber Profiles due to private demands. Besides having a wide client base in the domestic and foreign markets, through its regional directorates and agents, SOLAR KAUCUK LTD. ŞTİ. provides the manufactured products to domestic and foreign customers with a fast and quality service and offers a beneficial cooperation.

The best investment in Our Company is made in human. Our Departments are: General Management, Production, Quality Control, Research and Development, Marketing and Foreign Trade Departments.

Our Mission

To Be Considered As A Responsible Member Of The Society, As A Company Working In The Benefits Of The Society, Fulfilling Its Responsibilities To Humanity, The Environment And Universal Values.

Our Vision

Each of the People is Separately Important to Us. To Our Customers, Our Employees, Our Partners, In Our Behaviors; Humility, Mutual Respect, Reputation and Honesty are our Basic Principles.

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